Frequently Asked Questions


Below is some information which covers most of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


What does a planning session with Created Image look like?

The first step to any photo shoot is to meet for a planning session before hand. During this session we will discuss you photographic needs and vision for the photos. Don't worry if you only have general ideas as Created Image can help guide you to working out what you love and what you want your photos to look like.

During this planning session we will discuss clothing options so bring along the items you are already thinking of wearing. Created Image also has a studio wardrobe of casual, business and formal dresses that you can mix and match with your own clothing to create a look that you will love.

At this session you will also get a chance to look at the products we sell - our collection boxes and our wall art. At no point before final sale are you locked into purchasing these products, but this is an opportunity for you to be forward thinking about what might work best for you.

What does a photo session with Created Image look like?

A typical photo session lasts 3 - 4 hours. To start with you are pampered with the services of a hair and makeup artist to help you achieve the look you want for your photos.

How long is a photo shoot and where will the photos be taken?


Business headshots take on average 20 minutes and take place in the Created Image studio.


Regular photo shoots can take from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The shoot can be done either at your home, a location of your choosing, or in Created Image's studio.





What if we need a permit?


It is your responsibility to organize and pay for any permits required for your chosen location in advance of the photo shoot. T





How many people can be involved in the photo shoot?


The Created Image studio can accommodate up to six adults in a single photo. For outdoor or in home shoots, you are welcome to have as many people as you would like.


For groups of 8 or more you will need a longer than standard photo shoot. This extended session allows for additional photos and adequate time for the various combinations of photos to be taken. Alternatively, talk to us in advance about the combinations of photos you would like captured. Created Image can accommodate individual shots and any combinations desired (eg. group, couples, siblings or parents)


What should we wear to a photo shoot?


It is recommended you wear solid, saturated colours, in form fitting styles. We are happy for you to have outfit changes during your session, allowing us to capture a variety of different looks. Where multiple people are going to be in the photo, co-ordinate your look by creating a colour theme.


What happens to the photos after the session?


During a standard photo session Created Image will take unlimited photos, in a multitude of different poses.


The best images of each pose are selected by Created Image, watermarked, with low res proofs made available for you to select online within 48 hours.


All images ordered receive standard retouching and will be available in different effects such as black and white, sepia and/or a creative filter.


Alternatively, for $50 (HST inclusive) per image receive our premium magazine-quality retouching.  See the attached images for an example of retouching options available. 


Final high resolution images are provided on a DVD or dropbox link. The final images will be ready between same day or up to three weeks, depending on your order size and workflow demands.


What is Standard Retouching vs Premium Retouching?


While it is common knowledge retouching services are used by all fashion magazines, getting the “look” is not a quick process. Our standard retouching does a general “cleaning up” of an image including removing blemishes, reducing shadows under the eyes, and whitening of eyes and teeth. Our premium service includes 2-3 hours of digital retouching per photo to even out skin tone, colour and appearance and add highlights, enhancing the image significantly while retaining its natural look.




























Become a Regular Customer


Receive a $100 discount any time you do a second session with Created Image within a six month period of your last session, and purchase at least 10 images from that second session.